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Ingredients for a great side via @themightygambon

I dont think you can transition from a “good” to a “great” side without:

1- A great manager
2- Long term stability
3- A core of local players

I think these 3 elements are so important to build a fantastic team.

The manager thing is obvious. I see greatness in Pep, Mourinho and SAF for example, but with a lower level manager there will be too many slip ups to be “great”

Stability is hugely important. Look at Bayern, best team in the world, will go down maybe as best ever if they retain the CL, yet they lost in 2010 and 2012, and were behind Dortmund, with the same players (Ribery, Robben, Muller, Schweini) but that stability has allowed them to improve and typically a team comes good just before their swansong when the top players peak at 28/29.

I also think that core of local players is vital to the soul of the club and i dont think its a coincidence that teams like Bayern, Barca, UTD during their successful years had this.

PSG have none of these right now.

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Comment: How our cash devalues when we don’t spend

via Surfer X

Something that no-one else has highlighted (that I’ve read) is the inflationary effect of transfers devaluing Arsenal’s cash reserves.

In 2008, we had £93m of cash and short-term deposits. Allowing for the £24m and a prudent £20m for operating cashflow we need to hold back, that was a potential ‘warchest’ of £50m give or take. In 2008, the average spend per player (after removing loans and frees) £6.0m. Fast forward to the end of 2013 £154m- a warchest of £110m. What does that buy us now? The average spend per player has risen to £7.9m. So we are looking at an inflation rate in transfers of 30% across those 5 years.

What does this mean? That £50m we had 5 years ago is, is- in terms of a players worth- has devalued to £35m. Or, put another way- the £50m that is still would of bought us a couple of players in the world-class bracket at £25m. Today? Those players combined would be going for something closer to £66m.

Letting cash sit in a bank in any inflationary economy is never a good idea. With all the money about to wash into the EPL (again), that trend shows no sign of abating. Leave it in the bank for another 5 years at the same rate, and our original £50m will be devalued to a mere £15m; those same two-players would cost us an effective £85m.

So much for keeping the powder dry- the powder becomes less powerful with each passing year.