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Press Release from Arsenal


New era starts with kit launch imminent

PUMA is now the Official Kit Partner of Arsenal Football Club. The long-term partnership between PUMA and Arsenal FC formally begins today, 1 July, 2014 and includes wide ranging licensing rights to develop Arsenal branded merchandise on a global level.

Months of development work and planning have been happening behind the scenes and the global unveiling of Arsenal’s new kit will be held on the evening of 10 July in London.

PUMA will be producing the playing and training kit for all Arsenal teams and the Ladies will be the first to wear a PUMA kit when they play in a special one-off design in the FA WSL Continental Cup game against Chelsea on 6 July.

Ivan Gazidis, Chief Executive Officer at Arsenal Football Club, said: “This is an exciting day for us and marks the start of a new era. As we expected when we signed the partnership, PUMA have come up with some truly innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to unveiling the new kit which I am sure will be a big hit with our supporters around the world.”

Bjoern Gulden, Chief Executive Officer for PUMA said: “The past months have been a busy time for a great number of people involved in the Arsenal project at PUMA, and we are excited by what lies ahead. The new kit, product collections and marketing plans have been a big area of focus for us and will be revealed next week.”

PUMA has a rich heritage and record of innovation in sport and football in particular. The likes of Pele, Eusebio, Johan Cruyff and Maradona have all worn PUMA products. Arsenal fans can learn more about PUMA’s background here

The formal unveiling on 10 July will trigger the opportunity for supporters to buy the new kit at Arsenal and PUMA outlets around the world. This will include the re-opening of a fully re-fitted Armoury store at Emirates Stadium on 11 July.

The new kit will be available from Arsenal channels as follows:

ArsenalDirect.com 11pm Thursday 10 July
The Armoury Store, Emirates Stadium 10am Friday 11 July
Highbury House Store, Emirates Stadium 9am Friday 11 July 2014
Finsbury Park Store 9am Friday 11 July 2014
Brent Cross Store 10am Friday 11 July 2014

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Brilliant Gay Gooner comment critiquing some LG commenters

@ Bamford

No offense, all, but I’m a little shocked by how retrograde the general response on here is to the Gay Gooner banner.

Aside from a minority of backwards homophobes, no one would even care here in the States if a group of gay fans went to an American football game carrying such a banner. It would barely warrant a mention.

To say, as several here have, that you have no problem with homosexuality but that they should go about being gay and Gooners more quietly is to say that there is reason to be quiet about being gay, that there is something wrong with being gay.

I guess England is in a different place from the US, then, because the only people here today who think there’s anything “wrong” with being gay are fundamentalist Christians who take the Bible literally and imagine the earth is only 6,000 years old.

I wonder what some of your excuses are.

I mean, Cesc Appeal, haven’t you mentioned that you’re in law school or university? And you “don’t agree with their lifestyle”? What does that even mean? Are you Christian? On what basis do you “disagree” with their lifestyle?

There’s also a lot of intolerance above masquerading as tolerance.

Dimitri says he he has no real issue with someone being gay — why he should have any issue at all, he doesn’t explain — but says they should show a little “taste” and “class”. Is it their sign, apparel and mannerisms, you find “classless”, Dimitri, or is it their homosexuality? If they were dressed business casual with a quieter sign that said the same, would you have no issue with them? Or do you regard homosexuality itself as a violation of “taste” and “class”?

And Jeff, I generally like your criticisms of Wenger and you seem an intelligent person, but it’s a bit suspect that your take here is that they’re simply “attention seekers”. Even if each and every one of them were doing this for that and only that reason, who cares? So be it. It strikes me that only someone who has an issue with homosexuality would have an issue with people advertising theirs in order to get a little attention. So they’re seeking a little attention. Who cares? One only cares, I think, if one dislikes homosexuality.

In which case, no offense, but one needs to evolve.

While I imagine some of these guys are looking to get a little attention, the responses I’ve seen to their banner tell me that England/Gooners have a long way to go in terms of tolerance and openness and thus it’s probably a good thing these guys are doing what they’re doing.

Some day, when everyone is more tolerant, they won’t need to carry a banner. They’ll enter the stadium like any other blokes. But until gays are thought of and treated as equals — and not some pariah class that should keep their identities quiet at a football match — they’re probably going to have to speak up. It is only by people speaking up that society changes and progresses.

Now back to the football.

Does Brazil find a higher level today?