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Gay Gooner LG comments

@ Nasri’s Mouth

Anyone who thinks that the Gay Gooners aren’t a good idea should just do a trawl through twitter and see some of the responses that this issue has brought up.

Yesterday one of the bigger vocal pro-Arsenal accounts was making the point that if Gay Gooners are allowed a banner, then why not Straight Gooners or indeed “left-handed dyslexics”

I think that’s a point that would be shared by the people on here that can’t see the point of a Gay Gooners banner.

Well, to that, I repeat the response that post on twitter received:

“How many left handed dyslexics were denied jobs, mortgages, were bullied, abused, even killed in the last year because they’re left handed dyslexics?”

And that’s the point. While prejudice continues in parts of society, it needs to be combated and fought against. When gay people are openly holding hands in the stands, THEN and only then should we be arguing that a Gay Gooners banner isn’t necessary.

@ Ozy

Full of praise for Pedro for taking the time out and writing in support of the Gay Gooners banner and march.

Truth is, even reading the comments section here, homophobia is a very big problem. People get murdered for being gay.

So what, you don’t want to explain to your kids what homosexuality is? You’re willing to let people who just have a different sexual preference than you fear for their lives and be constantly harassed, have their rights taken from them… because you’re a fucking shitty parent? Who gives a shit what your kid sees? Is homosexuality a contagious virus that affects anybody who sees two men holding hands? Chances are half of the people who say “I don’t want to explain to my son what the birds and the bees are when we go watch a game” are the same people who point out a woman in the stands with cleavage showing and tell their son to look, treating the woman like a piece of meat.

Point is, those guys marching with that banner are braver than a lot of you here who are trying to be so respectful and talking about sins and family values when it fact, all you’re doing is spouting hate and fostering hate, raising children with that hate. So good on them.