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Ball stuck in the ceiling bars @ the indoor training facility at #Arsenal. Sport centre nostalgia.

Ball stuck in the ceiling bars @ the indoor training facility at #Arsenal. Sport centre nostalgia.

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El Tel shares his #FACupMemories on Le Grove

My first FA cup final memory was the 71 final.

I lived in a block of flats in Bethnal Green. Colour TV’s were a new thing. There was probably 10 kids 9-11 years of age in my Mates house as they had a colour TV. He was a Westham fan as was 2 others, there was a Spud and the rest were Arsenal.

We watched the build up to the Final and spent most of the day at his place. The weather was beautiful and Arsenal were going for the double. Those golden yellow shirts and blue shorts was and still is the best kit Arsenal have ever worn.

Liverpool were a great side but the Arsenal were powerful both physically and menatally. (Are you with us Arsen).

Watching that Final in colour on such a gorgeous day was unforgetable.

The Clubs song was Good Ol Arsenal, were proud to say that name. A boring song but catchy.

We had Bobby Wilson, Paddy Rice, Bob McNab, Peter Storey, Frankie Mc, Simpson (under rated) Wee Geordie Armstrong (great player) Raddy, Chas George, Georgie Graham (Stroller) and Eddie Kelly.

No big name players but a solid and brilliant team.

The game flashed by and the lasting memory was of Charlie burying a rocket shot then laying on the floor arms outstretched being picked up by his totally knackered team mates.

The celebrations went on into the night with all the adults in the Columbia Rd area of Bethnal Green drinking and having fun. Kids put on shoulders of grown men who were dancing around with joy.

I suppose this memory lasted even longer as the whole of Islington and the surrounding areas were decked out in Red and White. Pictures in windows, bunting across the roads, the flags flying everywhere. The colour pics in the Evening Standard and Evening News. Remember papers were black and white too back then.

This is why I can never slag the Arsenal off. This will live with me till the day I die.

Come on you Gunners.